Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies and Decorations

18 different shapes, 3 shades of gingerbread per shape, for a total of 54 gingerbread cookies. These are not pre-decorated, all decorations and cookies are on their own separate png files.


Candy Cane
Christmas Ball Ornament
Christmas Light
Christmas Trees
Chubby Star
Elf Shoes
Christmas Flower
Snow Hat
Santa Hat
Snow Flake
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Woman
Star of David
Evergreen Tree


Each gingerbread cookie has 7 gel icing outlines done in red, purple, navy blue, caribbean blue, turquoise, and pink, for a total of 126 gel icing outlines.
6 swirly ball candies
6 hearts
6 ovals
6 gummy lifesavers
7 jellybeans
19 coloured icing swirl wavey lines
13 different coloured sprinkles, 3 sizes each, 39 in total
Various eyes, noses, and mouths

1 Photoshop layer style for piped white icing you draw on your gingerbread yourself with a PS brush, along with a tutorial on how to do it.
1 Photoshop Action to bevel your icing if you want to fill the entire cookie shape with flat icing.


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